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in general 通常,大体上


28 be away from 从……离开

get across 即使清楚


29 be bad for 对什么有害 eg : Reading books in the sun is bad for your eyes 在太阳下看书对你的眼睛不好

get along/on with 进展;相处融洽;生活,过活

give away赠送、分发

30 be born 出生于

get around/round 走动,旅行;(消息)传开

give back还给

31 be busy doing sth 忙于做什么事 be busy with sth 忙于……

get around/round to 找时间做,开始考虑

give in让步、投降

32 be careful 当心;小心

get at 得到,接近;意思是

give off散发出

33 be different from…… 和什么不一样

get away 逃脱,离开

give out分发、发放

34 be famous for 以……著名

get by 通过,经过

give up放弃

35 be friendly to sb 对某人友好

get down 从…下来;写下

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36 be from = come from 来自 eg :He is from Bejing He comes from Bejing Is he from Bejing ? Does he come from Bejing ?

get down to 开始,着手

He has failed several times, but he won‘t_____。

37 be full of 装满……的 be filled with 充满 eg: the glass is full of water the glass is filled with water

get in 进入;收获,收集

A.go on B.come on C.get up D.give up

38 be glad+to+do/从句

get into 进入,陷入


39 be going to + v(原) 将来时

get off 从…下来,离开,动身,开始


40 be good at(+doing) = do well in 在某方面善长, 善于……中华考试网

get out of 逃避,改掉

a set of一套 set an example树立榜样

42 be happy to do 很高兴做某事 www.ExamW.CoM

get over 克服,(从病中)恢复过来

set fire to对……放火 set off动身、激起、引起

43 be helpful to sb 对某人有好处

get better of 占上风,胜过

set up建立、创立、开办

eg : Reading aloud is helpful to you 大声朗读对你有好处

get through 结束,完成


Exercising is helpful to your bady 锻炼对你的身体有好处

get together 集合,聚集

The Chinese Communist Party was____in 1921。

44 be in good health 身体健康

get up 起床;增加,增强

A.put up B.taken up C.made up D.set up

45 be in trouble 处于困难中 eg : She is in trouble They are in tronble

give away 泄漏;分送


46 be interested in 对某方面感兴趣

give back 送还,恢复


47 be late for = come late to 迟到 eg: Be late for class 上课迟到

give in 交上;投降,屈服


48 be like 像…… eg : I‘m like my mother

give off 放出,释放


49 be mad at 生某人的气

give oneself away 泄漏,露马脚


50 be made from 由……制成(制成以后看不见原材料)

give oneself up 自首,投降,投案



give out 分发,放出

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give up 停止,放弃


give way to 给…让路,对…让步;被…替代


go after 追求


go ahead 开始,前进,领先


go along with 陪同前往,随行


go around/round 足够分配

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go back on 违背

go by 过去

go down 下降,降低;被载入,传下去

go for 竭力想取得,喜爱,支持,拥护

go in for 从事,致力于,追求,沉迷于

go into 进入;研究,调查

go off 爆炸,发射;动身,离开

go on 继续,发生

go out 外出,熄灭

go over 检查,审查;复习,重温

go through 经历,经受;详细检查

go under 下沉,沉没;失败,破产

go up 上升,增加;建起

go with 伴随,与…协调

go without 没有…也行

as good as 和…几乎一样,实际上等于

for good 永久的

good for 有效,适用,胜任

take…for granted 想当然,认为理所当然

on guard 警惕,防范








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